Sipiwe Moyo

Catch Sipiwe on Season 7 of

Orange is the New Black

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Recurring Guest Star role as fan favorite “Adeola” on Season 7 and Season 6 of:

“Orange is The New Black”

Now streaming on Netflix

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Recurring role as “Nurse Sipiwe”  alongside Bradley Cooper & Jake McDorman in: 

“Limitless”, 2015



Featured alongside Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and Damon Wayans, Jr. in:

“How to be Single”, 2015

New Line Cinema


Co-starred in the Season 16 Finale as:

“NBC’s Law & Order: SVU”, 2015


Co-starred in the “Mombasa Carte” episode of:

“The Blacklist”, 2014


Played the lead role of “Hawa” in: 

“In Darfur”, 2014

WAM Theater, Lenox, MA

 Reviews from “In Darfur” 

“In a brilliant and exquisitely controlled performance, Moyo makes us part of the fear she feels..

In actor Sipiwe Moyo, this production has found an actor whose physical portrayal is even more powerful than her spoken one.”



"HawA (IS) exquisitely portrayed by Sipiwe Moyo, whose future career seems absolutely assured if this is an example of her work. From her first line.. to her final brave march across the stage she is always the character she portrays.

We feel each and every pang of pain, every instant fear, every memory of sadness that she expresses. She is a wonder to behold.. Even Hawa’s final exit, a baby in her arms, leaves more questions than answers lingering on the slow fade of light that follows her.

This is extraordinary work from the actress.”



"In this remarkable ensemble, it’s unfair to pick out one performer. But it’s Moyo’s embodiment of Hawa – a modern Hecuba, broken but unyielding, standing majestic on the ashes of her homeland – that will sear your heart and follow you home."



Starring in her one woman live show:

“My Friend Nina”, 2015

Dixon Place, NYC


Playing “Zahara” in: 

“Tower of Silence”

Upcoming indie feature film shot in 2015




NYU Graduate Film, Dir. Daniel Patterson


"The Battle for America"     

NYU Graduate PSA, Dir. Alrick Brown      



"Pink Melon Joy" as "Bessie"          

Provincetown, Dir. Katherine Brook

"Henry V"  Henry V            

The New Theatre - Miami, Florida Dir. Ronald Mangravite       


"Metamorphoses" as  Woman #3

Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Dir. Ted Pappas  


"The Overwhelming" as Elise                  

The Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Dir. Ed Herendeen               


"Anarchists Cookbook" as Dom                

The Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Dir. Alec Duffy                       


"Prometheus Bound" in Chorus            

Classic Stage Company, Dir. James Kerr   


"An Iliad" as Hera                

Classic Stage Company, Dir.Peter Meineck                 


"The Trojan Women" as Hawa              

The Classical Theatre of Harlem, Dir. Alfred Preisser